Is there any performance tunning knobs for DLA?

Hi, I wonder how to tune the performance of DLA dynamically. For CPU and GPU, we can use DVFS to tune them and tradeoff between performance and power. But for DLA, it seems that it does not support DVFS and we cannot tune its frequency. So I wonder is there any performance tunning knobs for DLA? Thanks!


Have you tried nvpmodel?
It should cap the DLA frequency based on the different power modes.


Thank you. I have realized that I can create customized power models in /etc/nvpmodel.conf to tune DLA and GPU frequency. But I wonder where can I find a table of all supported frequencies of the DLA and GPU? I have found a post that asks exactly the same question here for DLA, but the answer to it is confusing. I believe such freq table exists. Could you provide it here? Thank you very much!

Another question. I notice that in /etc/nvpmodel.conf, there is a tunable called “DLA_FALCON MAX_FREQ” besides “DLA_CORE MAX_FREQ”. What does “DLA_FALCON” mean? Thank you very much!

Falcon is a coprocessor architecture by NVIDIA, used for running firmware. (notably detailed a bit in:

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