Is there any physical or logical way to install jetpack on Jetson Nano in a quick way?


The Jetson Nano Module that we are currently purchasing is used after downloading the program using SDK Manager and installing it.
So, it has very inefficient work efficiency (takes about 30 to 40 minutes one module) in time.

Like the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, there is an SD card image for the module, so it would be nice to copy and use. Is there any way?
Or is there some physical or logical solution that can be downloaded in a fast way rather than in a slow way like SDK Manager?

Thank you.


We have massflash tool in the Linux_for_Tegra driver package. Please check.

An additional consideration is that a “regular” flash builds an image before flashing it. If you tell the flash software (on command line) to “reuse” the image which already exists (the “-r” option), then the same image is reused and no time is spent on generating a new image (which would presumably be an exact match to the one which already exists).

If you spend time after a flash running the apt mechanism to update files, and adding extra packages (whether via SDKM or any other method), then you might want to clone the “reference” rootfs, and combined with “-r” to reuse an image, replace the image with the clone. All of those updates and customizations would already be complete (you might need to be careful about passwords or custom firewall rules naming a MAC address if you are distributing this).

Note that an SD card image is not compatible with an eMMC image, but there may be some similar methods to have part of the content complete at the time of flash. If all of your work is on eMMC, then life is simpler.