Is there any plugin could be used for cropping the bounding box and save it?

I have found that nvvidconv could be use to cropping image on tx2,
but it seems that there are some differences between tx2’deepstream and pc’s deepstream,
So I wondered if there any plugin could be used to crop image in the buffer.
Any message is appreciated!

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use appsink and opencv might be a better choice.

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Yes. nvvidconv for Tesla supports only limited format conversions (mentioned as part of release documentation). Any other feature like scaling and cropping is not supported yet.

cropping is very easy.

add a Buffer Type probe on sink/src pad of a plugin(osd and so on), extract the raw frame data and box data(meta data) from GstBuffer, crop the box using opencv and save it to disk.

you can write your custom plugin and do the work above in your plugin, this method is a little harder.

I had a question related to this. Is there also a way to save the bounding box information for each frame?

for method 1: Refer to deepstream test1 to test3 demo in 3.0 Release package, about how to write probe in pipeline
for method 2: Refer to dsexample plugin in 3.0 Release package, about how to write custom plugin in gstreamer