Is there any solution to make MinAreaRect in NPP ?

Hi all, I’m currently trying to make an OCR pipeline and have some problem with post-processing speed.

So, I want to replace all cpu methods in post-processing to gpu methods.

My post-process pipeline needs to predict connectedComponent since the output of neural-network is 1d-segmentation image.

Yeah, as you know, there’re a solution for CCL(Connected Component Labelling) like

But I need to use a method to find min-area-rect (like cv2:minAreaRect()) after CCL.
I found some slides about this problem from GTC2019 but cannot find any source codes about CCA(Connected Components Analysis)(

Is there any code which can use CCA directly?
Or should I make some codes for it?
If so, can I make it with pycuda?

Any ideas…?

Thank you all. Sincerely yours.