Is there any Tensorflow-GPU for jetson Xavier NX DevKit


im here want to know is there any available tensorflow-gpu jetson xavier nx devkit.

here i cant find any tensorflow-gpu, only tensorflow cpu and since jetson xavier nx devkit is only using JP4.4, im assuming the other tensorflow-gpu from other JP version is not really compatible.

Hi @laurentius.valdy, please see this section from the documentation:

Note: As of the 20.02 TensorFlow release, the package name has changed from tensorflow-gpu to tensorflow.

So you no longer need tensorflow-gpu, because now the base tensorflow package already includes GPU support.

what if, i want to use tensorflow 1.15 version from .

is it also includes GPU support?

Hi @laurentius.valdy, yes both the TensorFlow 1.15 and TensorFlow 2 versions from NVIDIA include GPU support.