Is there any way to capture in certain condition by CSI camera?

Hello, I’m trying to make License Plate Recognition program by Jetson Nano with CSI camera (IMX-219).
I’m thinking of when camera recognize the car, it takes picture, then program will analyze that photo.

Now I am making a program that can recognize the car and can read license plate but I don’t have any idea with taking picture in certain condition (in this case, recognize car and take photo).

If you have any idea or reference code, please tell me.

DeepStream SDK is the existing solution for the use-case. Please check the document and give it a try:
NVIDIA Metropolis Documentation

The latest release for Jetson Nano is Jetpack 4.6.3 + DS SDK 6.0.1. You can install it through SDKManager

Thx a lot! I’ll give it a try

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