Is there any way to load old image (21.4, not 21.5) on TK1?

I need to verify an issue that between 21.4 and 21.5 image on TK1.
It seems JetPack cannot select which version of image to flash.
Could you tell me how to re-flash old image to TK1?

Have a look to, especially “restoring” section.
Be sure to use the same JetPack version for restoring as you did for making the image.

An additional note on restoring: It is possible to use with the “-r” option to restore a cloned image. This also flashes several other partitions in which are hidden (the partitions work together as a set). If you were to use nvflash instead as the restore program without the front end (JetPack controls, controls nvflash), then those other partitions would not get put in place. In the case of direct use of nvflash there could be hidden partition version mismatch issues if restoring a clone using the method. Using the driver package on command line (via provided script without using JetPack is recommended for this (hidden partitions will be correct).

You can find driver packages under each L4T version here:

Thanks for your response.

Per Jetson/Cloning, I can clone image from TK1 to get 21.5 system.img.
How about 21.4 system.img?
Is there default 21.4 system.img can be downloaded from here?

Or I need to create 21.4 system.img by myself.

There is no default binary image. The default is flashing with the R21.4 sample rootfs (don’t forget the step and don’t forget to use sudo for this and unpack of sample rootfs). So look for the R21.4 driver package, and use the R21.4 sample rootfs from the same download page with that to get R21.4. The image will be generated.