Is there any way to use multiple map like ROS multi_map_navigation

In ROS, multi_map_navigation is very useful for navigating through multiple floors.
However, in ISAAC, seem to not have this one, can anyone please help me to solve this multiple floors situation.

Hi Max,

You can have several isaac::map::OccupancyGridMapLayer within your app using a different name.
From here you can switch at anypoint which app you are using.

However for some Codelet such as isaac::planner::GlobalPlanner, you will need to stop the node, change the config to point to the other map, and restart the node. Similarly you will need to restart the Localization using the new map.

I understand that while it might be possible to work with multiple maps, it might not be user friendly for some applications. If you provide more information about what you would like (need) to have, we might be able to provide better solution in the future.


Hi ben,
Thank you for your reply,
My application is let a robot navigate through multiple floors using elevators. However, in some floor layout is not the same with another floor.