Is there direct CUDA support for bitmaps?

Hi I’m just starting with CUDA.
I’m working in a Win32 environment. (I think) I want to work straight on a bitmap from a kernal.

A quick search through the pdfs in the doc folder did not turn up anything obvious.
This bitmap is not for local display, I’m going to cook it into a PNG and send it over the network.

Is there an easy way to do this, or should I try and convert from an OpenGL GLuint or something?


You can turn the bitmap into an array of chars and pass it to the kernel like any other data. You will need an external library for reading the bmp into an array of chars (or you can code it by yourself).


How can I “transcode” the contents of a Pixel Buffer Object to a windows bitmap?, The kind that has an HBITMAP handle?

Here’s the real story:

W e have inherited some existing code. In it, the GPU has worked its parallel magic on a Pixel Buffer Object (PBO) . The existing code uses GLUT to show the PBO on a window on the display. We need to get rid of the display and the window, and recode the PBO into a Windows bitmap. In case you are wondering, the windows bitmap will be converted into a Java BufferedImage.

What I’m looking for right now is a library function, or technique that will takes a PBO, and creates a bitmap. Extra good would be if the function created anything that’s easy to convert into a java.awt.image.BufferedImage ;)