Is there "Home" license available?

My workplace is in the process of purchasing a PGI compiler suite with a floating server license, to be used by a group of machines, including a laptop.
I’d like to be able to use the PGI compilers when I use the laptop at home (multiple firewalls prevent easy access to the workplace server). Is there a way to get an extra ‘home’ license for this, without having to purchase a separate machine license?


You may be able to use lmborrow to borrow a license. Here is an FAQ for that:


Thanks, I must have missed that while perusing the FAQ.

However, there is precious little information about the ‘lmborrow’ utility other than what is contained in that FAQ section.

-I assume that using this command will ‘remove’ one of the floating licenses from the server. Is there a warning issued if a second person ‘borrows’ the remaining license (ie leaving none on the server)?

-Is there a time limit on how long a license can be borrowed?

The time limit for a borrowed license is 2 weeks. You can also find out the number of licenses in use through the following command:

lmutil lmstat -S

Use the command “lmutil lmstat -f [feature]” to see how many licenses are left for a particular feature. For example, if you borrow a pgf95 license, you may check the status on the borrowed feature this way:

% lmborrow -status

lmborrow - Copyright © 1989-2008 Acresso Software Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Vendor Feature Expiration

pgroupd pgi-f95-osx32 10-Jul-09 23:59

% lmutil lmstat -f pgi-f95-osx32

(A status on the license feature for the pgf95 compiler follows)