Is there INS(Inertial Navigation System) sensor samples in PX2?

I found gps and imu samples and source codes in drivework, but more and more company chose INS for their location.
The data protocol is different from gps/imu.
Here is the struct:
int8_t ins_status;int16_t week;double gps_time;double lat;double lon;double height;double lateral_speed;double longitudinal_speed;double down_speed;double roll;double pitch;double heading;double lateral_accelerate;double longitudinal_accelerate;double down_accelerate; double roll_speed;double pitch_speed;double heading_speed;

Dear zhenzhenz,
No. we have only GPS, IMU, CAN, camera, lidar and radar based DW samples.

So… could you please update this as a bug? I think it will be very helpful for developers who work in Auto-vehicle.

By the way, what if I want to use INS product in PX2 for now? How can I analyze the data in INS?

Dear zhenzhenz,
Could you share which specific devices you want to use so that I can check internally and get back to you on this.

ya… I used SPAN-CPT INS of Novatel for now. You can have its datasheet online.

Dear Zhenzhenz,
Just to clarify, The last release for Drive PX2 is Drive 1.0 and all the releases are targeted towards Drive AGX platform now. So please consider upgrading to Drive AGX platform to get new SW releases.