Is there kernel-dtb in bl_update_payload?

from “Linux_for_Tegra/” get the info:
echo " ${script_name} t19x"
echo " (generates bl, kernel, and bl_and_kernel"
echo " multi-spec payloads for t19x SoC)"

the question: is there kernel-dtb in the generated file bl_update_payload ?

or Can I OTA update kernel-dtb from bl_update_payload ?
if can’t, how can I OTA update the kernel-dtb?


Please try the method of deb OTA.

thanks for reply.
I download and extract the file: nvidia-l4t-kernel.deb,nvidia-l4t-kernel-dtbs.deb
from the control shell: ’postinst‘ etc. they only update /boot files.
i can’t find command about update the kernel and kernel-dtb partitions,
my question is: deb OTA can update the partitions?


It should update. Please try.
If it does not update the kernel-dtb partition, please let us know.

$ sudo apt-get download nvidia-l4t-kernel
$ sudo dpkg -i nvidia-l4t-kernel.deb

after reboot

$dmesg | head

kernel information still be my old kernel.
but it doesn’t update the kernel partition, and i don’t know about kernel-dtb partition.
and my question:
1. is there kernel-dtb in bl_update_payload?
2. or nv_update_engine doesn’t update the kernel-dtb partition?