Is there log functionality for isaac.alice.MessageLedger?

Hello Everyone,

I there a way to look at a log of all message protos being sent during app executuion?

I am finding that there are a lot of components that create an output message in an example but then that output proto is not listed or described in the components documentation (for example Stereo odometry example, The output of the codelet is a 6DOF pose of the left camera. But there is no message description or proto type designated by this).

So if there is a way to view all of the messages during execution we can find out what these messages are and then use these components for other purposes than the example.


Also to update on this. I am aware of Recorder and Replay. But the log file generated by Recoder is binary and not viewable/Human Readable.

Maybe there is a way to view this file in a human readable form? That would be the optimal solution. can the format of this file be shared so we can create a reader.

Thank you!

Did you ever figure out a solution to this?

I found that the code for all of this is in the SDK. The recorder saves the data in a lmdb database. I’ve managed to see the data using python, but it’s still encoded by capnp. That’s more work than I want to deal with for right now, but it should be possible to make a converter.