Is there Mean Shift alghoritam in CUDA(or C)? I need Mean Shift segmentation alghoritm for CUDA

If anyone knows where to find Mean Shift alghoritm for CUDA or at least for C. I found open CV implementation but now I need to “translate” it to CUDA language, so if there is already CUDA implemented version, please help.
Also, notice that I need segmentation version of Mean Shift.


For C implementation - I hope you must be aware of the ‘EDISON’ program which is available from the authors of Mean shift segmentation algorithm. You might try to get hold of the source code and try to use it for your program.

Here is the link -

For a CUDA implementation - Do let me know if you find it. I am also looking.



I have a C implementation of the mean shift filter that is running on multiple cores using OpenMP. It should therefore be very easy to port to CUDA. I’m struggling to concatenate the basins of attraction, maybe you could offer some advice?

I will be looking into porting it to CUDA later this year, so if you’re willing to wait i’ll get back to you.


I have C implementation of Meanshift algorithm for segmentation, but I need to translate it to CUDA. If anybody has CUDA implementation of Meanshift or if there is already CUDA implemented version, please help.


Edge-preserving smoothing of an image with meanshift procedure is implemented in ArrayFire library. See