Is there NCCL (NVIDIA Collective Communications Library) activity for Jetson TX2 ARM64 ?

I’m curently working with DeepSpeech2 speech-recognition framework from Baidu/Mozilla in Jetson-TX2.
For enable GPU, I have to have NCCL (NVIDIA Collective Communications Library ) v2 package in my Jetson board.
This package is developed exactly from NVIDIA :)
and surprisingly till now I didn’t find ARM64 library for that …

In official NCCL web-site I have found only deb-files for AMD64 …

Is there such activity for Jetson? Or maybe source-code with Makefiles?

Hi albert.kagarmanov,

The NCCL was implemented and optimized for multi-GPU system to achieve high bandwidth over PCIe and NVLink high-speed interconnect, such as cloud server and HPC, it’s not for Jetson platform.