Is there somewhere I can download David Olsen's Travelling Salesman code


I really enjoyed David Olsen’s Talk CppCon 2019: David Olsen “Faster Code Through Parallelism on CPUs and GPUs” and I’d like to try the code for myself.

I wonder if there’s somewhere I could download this code for the C++ 17 STL parallelism please?



I’m not sure he’s posted it any where, but I sent a note to David asking.

David got back to me. He has not published the code but notes that all the important code to implement the solution, except for the implementation of counting_iterator, was shown in the talk. Hopefully that’s enough to get you going.

Hi Mat,

Thanks for that - and thanks to David - what a great talk that was.

I’ve found a simpler application I can use to generate arbitrary computational loads on the CPU/GPU which is shorter, but thanks anyway to you both.