Is there sth protection about new jetpack5.0.1?

i would like to ask is there sth protection about new jetpack 5.0.1?
i updated that on jetson nx, but met few time this issures already:
NX is outdoor and keep to power on, but lost IP address, putty can not find and connect that. then i have to power off and power on again…
i met the problem everyday right now, it is crazy and NX is far away with me…
it seems NX was shut down but power is on board still because ethernet lamp is light still.
i never met same issue before on jetpack 4.6 or elder version.

pls give some advice how to do?

thank you very much!

We don’t have different protection on Jetpack 5. Since 5.0.1 DP is a developer preview, it is not stable and may have unexpected behavior. So you login through ssh but it disconnects frequently?

yes i login SSH to that but disconnects after few hours automatically, then lost IP maybe box shut down i think.

thank you

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