Is there Support for Visual Studio Community 2015?

I have installed Visual Studio Community 2015 (Windows 10) and I have rebooted.

However, I get a warning from AndroidWorks 1R2 (see below) on install with a message that it can’t find Visual Studio. Is the Community 2015 edition supported? Microsoft states that it is a full version.

I’m considering either skipping and installing manually or ignoring the warning. Has anybody run into this issue?

[i]The selected items:
Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 3.1.15202.6244
IncrediBuild 7.0 (build 1626)

Missing external dependencies may cause the error of installation:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio [/i]


Nsight Tegra failed install. The error message explicitly lists 2010, 2012, and 2013. At first glance it would appear that it either doesn’t recognize or support edition 2015.

Hi, Visual Studio 2015 will be supported in the next Nsight Tegra release.