is TK1 needs to be reflahsed by host -computer?

in this link, they say TK1 needs to be reflashed by host-computer.

but, without Reflashing, I have used TK1 board for a long time.

Do I have to reflash it for using it properly?

I’m making Vision-Object-Tracking Drone with Stereo ZED Camera and OpenCV and DroneKit-Python.

Interesting, the document URL is spelled wrong (but works…it’s supposed to be “Jetson”, but the document has “Jeston” in its name).

If the Jetson works as you like, then don’t flash. There are newer versions (and often much better) of various software though, and the operating system upgrade is usually worthwhile. The default starts out with L4T R19.2 (which is Ubuntu 14.04), but R21.5 tends to be much higher quality (which is Ubuntu 16.04). I don’t know what your other software works best with.

Thank you!! I emailed to my product’s company.