Is translucent glass in RTX-real time renderer possible?

Been trying to create a translucent glass material that works in both path tracer and real time, in path tracer renderer I just need to set a roughness value for it to works but have not been able to get it to work in RTX-real time renderer. Any settings I need to set or any examples on how to setup translucent glass that works on RTX-real time renderer ? Thanks !

You should give us some screenshots.

Alright, see screenshot below. Trying to get the effect/something close to the path tracer translucent glass on RTX real time renderer but not able to.

Currently Roughness for Translucent materials does not work in RTX - Real-Time.
It is a high priority to be fixed in a future release.

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Hi @PhilippeR ,

Nice to know, btw will be good to also solve the light source visibility issue when visibility is set to off in rtx real time renderer. A little distracting to have light source visible when its set to not visible when view thru glass materials and showing up in reflective surfaces(see screenshot).


@DavidDPD Yes indeed, an improvement for that is coming in a future release.

@DavidDPD In the meantime, normal maps can help achieve such an appearance. In general, this is how I would make frosted glass if I wanted for it to look realistic up close. For static images, it works pretty well. For animations, it is quite unstable.

Two different normal map examples in Real-Time:


Cool , this work around will be useful for situations that call for this right now. Thanks !