Is TypedUAVLoad attribute configurable on my K2100M Quadro video card?

I got sent here when “Consumer Support” couldn’t answer my question. I just bought a graphics software package that on startup tells me it can’t render 3D because my graphics card does not support it. I just want to know if there’s a way to turn on the TypedUAVLoad attribute on my K2100M Quadro card or if I would need to get a new card. I tracked it down to this attribute with Google’s help, pretty sure I found it on the SW vendor’s support FAQ. Seems to make sense since this is tied to DirectX and I’m running on Windows. If I need a new card, I would greatly appreciate a list of NVidia cards that will support it or some more general description of what to look for, like “Only GEForce cards support this” or whatever. I’m using Home Designer Pro, a DIY version of Chief Architect, to design an addition. I should be able to do 3D walkthroughs and want very much to have this ability. Thank you very much for any information. Peace.