Is unique-id (Gst properties) equivalent to gie-unique-id (configuration file)?

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Gst-nvinfer File Configuration Specifications has the following properties:

  • gie-unique-id
  • operate-on-gie-id
  • operate-on-class-ids
  • filter-out-class-ids

Gst properties has the following properties:

  • unique-id
  • infer-on-gie-id
  • operate-on-class-ids
  • filter-out-class-ids

The document says:

  • Gst properties infer-on-gie-id overrides operate-on-gie-id in the configuration file
  • Gst properties operate-on-class-ids overrides operate-on-class-ids in the configuration file
  • Gst properties filter-out-class-ids overrides filter-out-class-ids in the configuration file

Does Gst properties unique-id overrides gie-unique-id in the configuration file? If setting unique-id doesn’t overrides gie-unique-id, then:

  • what’s the difference between unique-id and gie-unique-id?
  • does that mean there is no way to set gie-unique-id programmatically?

The gst-nvinfer plugin property settings always override the gst-nvinfer configuration file parameters.


Thank you for your reply. Just to be clear, Gst properties unique-id is the equivalence of gie-unique-id in the configuration file right? The documentation isn’t clear on whether they’re the same property with different name.


The gst-nvinfer is open source, you can in the source code.

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