Is upgrading to Yosemite safe?

Do the latest versions of MacOS X 10.10 and Xcode break PGI compilers/tools?
Is it safe to upgrade?

Current running Yosemite with Xcode 6

I appreciate that the Mac OS X compilers are free - so I am also wondering whether they will work on 10.10.



Upgrading did break the compilers, but I have not tried a reinstall, as I have both Intel and PGF running.

Louis, apd,

We’ve encountered some installation issues with 10.10 but are actively working on them right now. Hopefully they will be resolved in the next few days. We’ll hold back the PGI 14.10 release for Mac OSX until then.

  • Mat

Is this released for 10.10 yet?

Also, how often will you be updating your free product - I know its free, but can you estimate when the free compiler (which seems to be at v14.7) might be available on Yosemite? 1 month? 6 months?


Hi all,

are there any updates yet regarding OS X Yosemite?

Thanks, Jan

An update from a macbook pro running Yosemite with pgfortran 14.10:

All I needed to get things running is adding the link mentioned in