Is Virtual Reality with the GRID Possible

is there a way to stream VR formats from the Grid using amazon servers. Want to stream Unreal project for PC and VR for Mobile headsets. will have an html5 version of project so streaming from the grid would solve the rendering problems on Mobile for high poly…

Hey Borris

Did you get an answer to this?

Edit: sorry, just realized I necro-ed a 2 year old post!

Granted, there was some occasional recurrence of the stylus, although for the most part it looked occlusion associated, which could be fixed with greater base station positioning. The demonstration room was utilizing four 2.0 base stations mounted over head height (which is typically what you need ), but mounting them only above table height might actually allow for far better view of their stylus, especially when the consumer is leaning across the stylus as they write or draw.

In case Logitech’s Virtual Reality Ink may really deliver the precision required for’real’ handwriting in Virtual Reality, it might be the answer to a of
's basic problems: text input. Though drawing and designing in Virtual Reality is unquestionably useful and even entertaining, a huge portion (majority?) Of productivity function demands text input. There have been efforts with voice input, virtual keyboards, as well as actual monitored keyboards (something Logitech itself researched ), but none have proven to be effective alternatives, typically due to slow input rates (or even a lack of adequate hand tracking). A Virtual Reality stylus that is great enough for handwriting could be the key.

Should they succeed in receiving Virtual Reality Ink adopted in the enterprise Virtual Reality area, hopefully a concentration on handwriting in Virtual Reality as text input will the upcoming logical step for the gadget.