Is VST alive and button functionalities?

We have some questions regarding VST.

  1. We can see the VST container is still active on the terminal, but I can’t see the content when I enter the URL on Google Chrome. What other steps can we check here? The AI NVR has been restarted several times…

  1. We can see the live streams on VST WEB, but we’re not quite sure about the meaning of the icons within the interface. We couldn’t find any relevant setup instructions in the documentation (such as the highlighted area in red). Could you please explain the functions to us? Mainly, we’d like to see the AI detection results on the web interface.

I don’t understand. You can check the live streams on VST WEB. Why you say you meet error when enter the URL on Google Chrome? I can check VST WEB when run AI NVR in my side. You can check VST log with: docker logs vst.
You can move the mouse onto the icon, there will display some text to explain the icon.

This consists of two separate issues. The first one is that sometimes VST WEB won’t open. When the web doesn’t open, Google Chrome displays the screen above.

Once VST WEB opens, there’s a second issue. The first button only shows ‘stream’ without any response upon clicking.
The second button is ‘overlay,’ but when I open the box and line, it results in no display.

Additionally, I’d like to inquire whether VST WEB can only be used on networks with public IP addresses? Because when I connect the AGX ORIN to the internal network, the VST within Docker restarts, and the WEB interface becomes inaccessible.

The first button which shows 'streams" means you can select if your camera support multiple streams. The second button is ‘overlay’ which will draw bbox or tripwire onto the video. But the feature is in our roadmap. It will be implement later. Stay tuned.

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