Is Warping available for all Quadro cards?

Is the new Quadro warping feature available on the Quadro 2000 (i.e. non-Kepler) card? In other words, does the NvAPI_GPU_SetScanoutWarping function (from NVAPI) work with that card?

Note: The documentation I found only mentions recent (Kepler-based) Quadro card models, such as the K5000. But I saw nothing saying it would not work for older cards.


Hello TommyGunn,

have you learned more about this in the meantime?

Thank you for any answer,

The WARP API is available on Kepler generation cards and later.

Current list of supported GPUs are:

Quadro K1200
Quadro K2200
Quadro K4000
Quadro K4200
Quadro M4000
Quadro K5000
Quadro K5200
Quadro M5000
Quadro K6000
Quadro M6000