Is wifi country code restricted to 'XT' on Jetson NANO?

This article,
mentioned Jetson TX2 wifi country code is hard coded to specific ‘XT’ and can’t be changed,

I do like to consult that if I adopt a M.2 pcie wifi on Jetson NANO,
for example, Intel AX200/210 or 8265NGW… etc,
and integrate kernel driver from open source resources,
is the country code still be limited to ‘XT’?
or I can change it freely by ‘iw reg set XX’?



This is not a question that I can reply since we are not the wifi vendor. Their firmware decides the country code. Thus, please contact them.

Hi Wayne,
Thank you for the reply,
so that’s all depending on each wifi product, Jetson nano software has no specific restriction on it, right?

Yes, nano software has no limitations on it.

we replied the question for TX2 because TX2 has a built-in wifi and we have some co-work with the vendor.

However, nano does not have such built-in wifi.

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