Is workstation launcher OVI?

There are workstation launcher and enterprise launcher. Is workstation launcher OVI and enterprise launcher OVE?
From the download page, seems the two belong to omniverse enterprise.
Also there is a omniverse open beta ( NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Pre-Release Program | NVIDIA Developer.
What’s the difference among the three?

That’s correct, the workstation launcher is the Omniverse for Individuals (Open Beta).

The Open Beta we have today is an Open Beta of Omniverse for individuals so those two things are currently the same.

An artist could use Omniverse for individuals (Open Beta) for personal projects and connect to a licensed OVE nucleus for work (using up one of the paid app licenses of that contract).

Omniverse for Individuals includes beta applications that are not part of OVE and OVE includes an enterprise Nucleus that is not part of Omniverse for Individuals.