Isaac 2020.2

When will Nvidia Provide support for RTX3080- and 3090 GPU’s for ISAAC SDK. Is it expected in 2021.1 Release now, since RTX 30XX natively support CUDA 11.

It is disappointing that 2020.2 Recommends using RTX2080 Based workstation !!

Could you tell me more about what support you’re looking for in the Isaac SDK and RTX 30XX? Isaac 2020.2 is targeted for JetPack 4.4.1 which includes CUDA 10.2 (on host and device). We recommend an RTX2080 only as a minimum GPU to run Isaac Sim Unity 3D.

So,can I run isaac sdk demos on RTX3090 and cuda11 successfully?

To quote hemals : you can run isaac 2020.2 with your 3090 but not with cuda 11 since only 10.2 is supported

Planktos , You cannot downgrade CUDA ON RTX 30XX to 10.2 , i have a RTX 3080 and i have tried to downgrade to CUDA 10.2,but i doubt its not possible ?

Is there any way to install CUDA10.2 graphics driver on RTX 30XX !!

Nvidia-smi shows CUDA 11.0 and i think it cannot be changed with RTX 30XX !!

Hemals , the problem is the driver for RTX 3080 supports CUDA 11.0

The display driver cannot be downgraded to CUDA 10.2.

Problem :- with this configuration Isaac does not recognise the Graphics Card,for example My ZED Demos run well on AGX XAVIER But do not run on the Host development PC !!

It says GPU not found !!

When can isaac sdk surport cuda 11?

Yes, you are right, my mistake: this is not a matter of missing features, but problems. Isaac SDK 2020.2 running on workstation against CUDA 11.0 with Ampere-based RTX-30 series is not yet supported (only CUDA 10.2 as included in JetPack 4.4.1). You can still use your RTX-30xx workstation for Isaac Sim, but there are compatibility issues we are tracking when running Isaac GEMs against CUDA 11 on Ampere GPUs. We are working on adding support in the next release.