[Isaac 2022.2] Viewport dimensions are ignored

I noticed that in the new Isaac version, the viewport (image) dimensions for ROS are disregarded and defaults are used instead.
I was using the Omnigraph’s IsaacSetViewportResolution node, which worked on Isaac 2022.1.1.
I also tried using directly viewport API:

viewport = get_viewport_from_window_name(name)
viewport.resolution = (width, height)

The resolution property seemed correct, however the images seen in ROS had the default dimensions. The camera resolution is rather large: (5320, 3032).

Any info on this? I am still struggling with how to properly handle dimensions of the images and render them to files / ROS. There seems to be a large number of points where to add the dimension values, however these seldom work.

Through replicator API it works, so I am considering creating a render product like this and connecting it then to the ROS Omnigraph, instead of creating the render product + viewport in the graph.

BTW, is it still necessary to have a viewport for the render product? The standard writers of replicator seem to not need it anymore.

Update: when I set viewport_id of the newly created viewport to 0, the dimensions are set correctly via viewport.resolution = ... When I set it to other value such as 1, they are not set. This is a problem when having multiple cameras.

Does this issue still persist in version 2023.1? Thanks!