Isaac camera pinhole intrinsics seem incorrect

The upper right of the viewport has a blue blurry blob in it which is actually a small drone about ten meters from the camera (ish). The camera is using intrinsic parameters acquired from the dataspec sheet of a real camera we have (params verified through calibration). In the real world, our camera can see objects very close to itself very crisply. The focus distance is large because we focused the lenses on very far away objects, but it can still see close objects well.

We have temporarily resorted to increasing the f-stop in Isaac since this doesn’t change the FOV/distortion and makes the image crisp at all depths, but we would prefer to be able to exactly mimic our real parameters.

Why is this drone blurry?

Hi @ihiggins - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to your question.

Hi. I would suggest validating that the Focal Length parameter is set to the value that matches the camera. With the Focus Distance set effectively to infinity, the Focal Length and the fStop parameters would be the one determining how blurry the nearby drone will appear. Since the fStop parameter is set to a reasonable value, I’d suggest validating the Focal Length.

Note, the Focal Length parameter unit is in millimeters (please refer to: Cameras — Omniverse Robotics documentation )

If, after validating, you find that all the camera parameters are set as per the camera and lens specification and the units are correct, please check that in the Render Settings / Post Processing, you have the Depth of the Field camera override disabled.

If this still doesn’t produce the desired effect, please try setting the fStop value to be correct and try adjusting the other values (i.e. Focal Length, Focus Distance, Aperture), to see what value produces correct blurring at right distances. I.e. you can try to put Focus Distance to match the distance to your drone, to see that the other values are correct.

If this still doesn’t produce the expected result, please create a smaller version of your scene that includes only the camera and a couple of cubes at the distances corresponding to the distance to the drone and to the building. And post/attach this scene to the forum. Someone from Isaac’s team then can attempt to reproduce your issue and correct the rendering parameters. Thank you!