Isaac gym joint_monkey example error

Hi i installed Isaac gym in jetson nano
when i run : python
the error happens like that please help me

Looks like it could not find the IsaacGym binary files, did you run pip install -e . from the python folder?

Yes i did run that in right folder
But it didnt work
Is that a problem because i try isaac gym at jetson nano?

As I see in the picture you haven’t activated your environment?

Can you explain this further? On desktop I have separate conda environments. On the jetson I didn’t set up conda yet but I thought it would work if everything was just installed normally

you have your python inside the jetconda environment based on the picture, do you have any other python version installed as well? check inside the folder site-package in your python folder, see if you can find gym libraries.
it’s better to make a python environment first and install everything there, check this link: