Isaac Gym MJCF Importer


It says on the docs (isaacgym/docs/programming/assets.html) that the MJCF importer supports only primitive shapes and not meshes. First, I just want to confirm: is this true? Because Isaac Gym allows for meshes in URDF files, so I was a little confused as to why the docs say it hasn’t been implemented for the MJCF importer. Second: if it is true, do you have any idea when the MJCF importer will allow for loading meshes?

For more context, I want to try simulating a differential drive from an MJCF file that uses more than just primitive shapes. I saw in this post that the URDF importer doesn’t yet support transmission elements, and as far as I know, it’s not possible to make a differential drive without the transmission elements. Are they supported in Isaac Gym Preview 3? If they are, I can try making my differential drive in a URDF.

Thanks in advance for your help!