Isaac Gym reduces the surface count of my urdf design!

hi ı make a rover and ı design the part with .stl extension, and ı create urdf file and give the stl , but my wheel doesn’t spin correctly with my design because it has triangles on wheels

yeah to improve the efficiency meshes are the approximation of the input meshes. to improve it you can use Convex Decomposition:
asset_options.vhacd_enabled = True
There is a complete section about it in the documents.
Also instead of PhysX you can use Flex, Flex is able to use triangle meshes directly.

ı tryed asset_options.vhacd_enabled = True and that sub params, but dont fixed just litled changed, ı try a couple params combination in there

asset_options.vhacd_params.resolution = 300000
asset_options.vhacd_params.max_convex_hulls = 10
asset_options.vhacd_params.max_num_vertices_per_ch = 64