Isaac gym support for height field map?

Just wondering does Isaac gym currently support creating custom height field maps, or are you guys planning to have this feature soon?

Hi @hghg,

I’m afraid that we don’t support height field maps directly, but you may be able to do something yourself with a custom URDF or MJCF model that your robot moves on top of.

We are not likely to support them directly in future releases of Isaac Gym, but we will definitely make this kind of thing easier to use when Gym functionality is integrated into Omniverse.

Take care,

Hi @hghg, @gstate,

I am also urging for heightfield support within Isaac gym. For now, I am using a grid of boxes to emulate this height field. However, for reasonable high resolutions, ie 0.1 m resolution of a height field of 20x20m, adding that many collision bodies to the simulation substantially slows down rendering of camera sensors. Do you have any suggestions around that?