Isaac + HDRP?

I have been trying to get Isaac to work on a map I have on Unity 2019.3.2f1, however I am having some issues. Running the tutorial scene on this Unity version works fine, after dealing with some kinks due to upgrading the project to a new Unity version, however it seems to stop working once HDRP gets involved. After adding HDRP to the tutorial scene, the cameras stop transmitting to Isaac vision, and the LiDAR also does not work properly. Wondering if anyone has had any similar experience or has tried to use Isaac in a scene using HDRP, or if anyone has any direction as to how or if this could be made possible. Thanks!

Hi biboman2,

The current release of Isaac supports Unity 2018.3.11 which doesn’t support HDRP. Please wait for the next release of Isaac to support HDRP.

Hello there,

Isaac now supports HDRP. As of my understanding all of the sample projects are being developed with the Standard Built in Render Pipeline though. Not the scriptable one. There are guides on how to upgrade built-in to HDRP but when I do that, the whole project gets very weird. :) Namely the depth view of the camera doesn’t work any more.
Is there a “good-practice” on how to work with HDRP and Isaac? Is there a sample project done with HDRP?