Isaac Likago compatibility with Unitree A1 equipped with Livox and NX Jetson

What would it take to integrate A! into Isaac via the scenario defined here
using Livox instead of Velodyne and A1 instead of Likago?

Livox mid-40 is said to be supported on IsaaC;
How about Livox mid-100?

Hi Andrey,

The navigation stack is agnostic to the sensor and robot base. So, if the drivers work, the autonoous navigation application would just work. However, I do not know if LaikagoDriver would work with A1. It may just work if Unitree used the same API. Otherwise a similar driver would be needed. Similarly, I am not sure LivoxLidar codelet was tested with mid-100. Would you give it a shot with the sample livox app please?


Thank you for your response.
My consideration is the implementation of A1 based equivalent of the defined in the Likago article device. The idea is to put on mount NX Jetson and Livox mid-40, as they were said to be compatible/ substitutable with TX2/Velodyne defined in the article.
Before procurement of the hardware for the mentioned design I am trying to understand which components will work at once and where to find support for those which wouldn’t work at once in the given design. The app will be from the Isaac navigation stack, I believe.

Hi Andrey,

We can’t promise those drivers, but it should be doable. We will appreciate if you update us when you gave it a shot. It will be useful information for other users.

is jetpack44 supported as an argument in the string below?

bob@desktop:~/isaac$ ./engine/build/ --remote_user <username> -p //packages/laikago/apps:laikago_navigate-pkg -d jetpack43 -h <robot_ip_address>

ERROR: Config value jetpack44 is not defined in any .rc file

from unitere sales “Definitely, Unitree will release the Isaac for A1”
How can likago app be deployed to Host PC?

Hi Andrey

At the moment we support only JP4.3; we are working to get an Isaac SDK version compatible with JP4.4 very soon.

guys “working hard to release A1 Isaac” © Unitree
Could you extend if L515 lidar support is planned in IsaaC? So it can be used instead of more expensive Velodyne?

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