Isaac Navigation Stack - Stereo Camera Support

With regard to the Isaac navigation stack - any idea when you’ll release a stereo camera based version (for the Sterolabs ZED) rather than using lidar?

I have seen this driver already - my question is about the navigation stack “GEM”. The current implementation (carter is the one i’m looking at in particular) doesn’t appear to make use of the ZED camera - It seems purely Lidar based.

Obviously the ZED camera can create an accurate 3D point map of the environment in front of it. Are there plans to implement this data stream into the current/new navigation stack? If so - what is the expected timeframe of this?

Hope that this is clearer

to set-up zed camera,

bazel run apps/samples/zed_camera


We are working on more camera-based features for the navigation stack for the upcoming release in June.