Isaac NavSim Unity3d - robot size scaling local map reflection

Hi, i have created Unity3d Scene of building and trying to use carter robot for simulation, but due to map is pretty huge basic Carter_Wheeled prefab is very small comparing to surroundings. I have tried to scale this prefab, but after scaling X,Y,Z on value more than 2 - robot goes crazy and lose control hitting the walls. So i decided to tweak only the model parts, leaving other stuff as it is. Everything works correctly except size in local map doesn’t match real, because of this when robot is trying to avoid obstacle correcting its path - it fails, because it continues to think that it’s still small. Basically question here - how can i tweak robot size correctly? so planner creates correct path to avoid collision, as well as local map to correctly reflect this.

Hi, the navigate app uses SphericalRobotShapeComponent to specify robot shape for planner. After resizing the robot in sim, you will also need to update SphericalRobotShapeComponent configuration in packages/navigation/apps/differential_base_navigation.subgraph.json (this subgraph is used in The config you are looking for is

"shared_robot_model": {
  "SphericalRobotShapeComponent": {
    "circles": [
      { "center": [0.0 ,0.0], "radius": 0.4},
      { "center": [0.2 ,0.2], "radius": 0.2},
      { "center": [0.2 ,-0.2], "radius": 0.2}
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Thanks, it works, i’ve been tweaking this param in Sight, but observed only change in target ( red object robot is heading to ), so actually it will only be represented in local view and target position, but in the map view it will keep its size.