Isaac object detection with unity3d

i am trying the object detection with isaac sdk and isaac unity 3d
when i use bazel run packages/ml/apps/generate_kitti_dataset
i receive 2021-03-04 15:15:40.468 INFO packages/engine_tcp_udp/components/TcpSubscriber.cpp@163: Successfully connected to remote (localhost:55000). Will start receiving.
i run the unity scenario and nothing happens it won’t generate my data also in localhost:3000 the result of the generator is black window.

any idea ?

Were any of the subdirectories of /tmp/unity3d_kitti_dataset created? If not, then the GenerateKittiDataset did not even start which is a different problem. In order for the GenerateKittiDataset codelet to tick at all, it needs to receive images and detections together, so if one of them is not getting through, it would never tick and would silently not produce anything.

Any console log statements that may appear to be innocuous? The “successfully connected” line indicates that the SDK app established an outbound connection to the Unity sim, but there should also be an inbound connection from the sim to the SDK app connection on port 55001 to receive data back from the simulator. You should see a line like: “TCP publisher successfully accepted connection”. Do you happen to be running this within a Docker container or with any modifications perhaps?