Is there any documentation that explains what macros are created when using ISAAC_PROTO_TX or ISAAC_PROTO_RX? How are we supposed to write any of our own codeletts without this? I want to write messages using the type StateProto. So then I can send messages containing linear and angular velocity. The documentation under //messages really does not explain much, at least for my own understanding.

This is used wit Isaac SDK 2019.2.

Check out the Proportional Control cpp and python examples in the examples folder to see how they pack and send the StateProto.

This is definitely useful as far as mirroring their setup. It got me going as far as sending the correct messages. It is still a little frustrating that going beyond any examples still seem ambiguous. It is difficult to know what macros get created automatically. Possibly as I learn more how to use this SDK I can find where this information is or it will become more available.