Isaac ROS Docker Container Issue

When the container is restarted, the packages installed using sudo apt are erased, and the apt list is reset. Consequently, it is necessary to run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade every time the container is launched, and all the packages need to be reinstalled. Please address this issue.

Hi @muthukumar1

A Docker container usually has the apt list erased to save space on the image. The default Docker container commonly used in Isaac ROS examples does not come with any preinstalled Isaac ROS packages. This approach helps developers understand how the Isaac ROS package works while also making the image as lightweight and general-purpose as possible for all demos.

In your case, if you are designing for a specific application, you can create your own Isaac ROS image with your packages and personal configuration. I recommend following our documentation, accessible from the link below.

I hope my message is helpful. If not, please let me know.