Isaac_ros_freespace_segmentation Quickstart demo rviz error

I recently revisited the “isaac_ros_freespace_segmentation” Quickstart on Ubuntu 20.04, following the steps in the provided documentation and also integrating your instructions from the Previous Q&A. (I am the same individual who overcame a previous issue with your help, so thank you again for that assistance. You can find the previous discussion here: NVIDIA Developer Forums).
Previous Q & A:

After applying your last set of instructions, everything functioned perfectly. However, upon attempting the process again a few days later, I’ve encountered a new problem, one that I hadn’t experienced before. When I initiate the demo of this package using the launch file with the following command sequence:
10.Visualize the occupancy grid in RViz
Start RViz:
Visualize the occupancy grid in RViz.
In the left pane, change Fixed Frame to base_link.
In the left pane, click the Add button, then select By topic followed by Map to add the occupancy grid.
screen. Please refer to the image below for reference.

First terminal:

[ros2-1] [INFO] [1706767128.388192177] [rosbag2_storage]: Opened database ‘src/>isaac_ros_depth_segmentation/resources/rosbags/bi3dnode_rosbag/bi3dnode_rosbag_0.db3’ for >READ_ONLY.
[ros2-1] [INFO] [1706767131.047888333] [rosbag2_storage]: Opened database ‘src/>isaac_ros_depth_segmentation/resources/rosbags/bi3dnode_rosbag/bi3dnode_rosbag_0.db3’ for >READ_ONLY.
[ros2-1] [INFO] [1706767139.026918746] [rosbag2_storage]: Opened database ‘src/>isaac_ros_depth_segmentation/resources/rosbags/bi3dnode_rosbag/bi3dnode_rosbag_0.db3’ for >READ_ONLY.

Second terminal:

rosexpert1@kim415-mobilityservice2:~/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/src/isaac_ros_common$ cd $>{ISAAC_ROS_WS}/src/isaac_ros_common && \

isaac_ros_dev not specified, assuming /home/rosexpert1/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev
Error: Failed to call git rev-parse --git-dir: exit status 128
Attaching to running container: isaac_ros_dev-x86_64-container
admin@kim415-mobilityservice2:/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev$ rviz2
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to ‘/tmp/runtime-admin’
[INFO] [1706766616.116061805] [rviz2]: Stereo is NOT SUPPORTED
[INFO] [1706766616.116129867] [rviz2]: OpenGl version: 4.6 (GLSL 4.6)
[INFO] [1706766616.126397282] [rviz2]: Stereo is NOT SUPPORTED
[INFO] [1706766633.257245452] [rviz2]: Trying to create a map of size 200 x 200 using 1 >>swatches
[ERROR] [1706766633.295551335] [rviz2]: Vertex Program:rviz/glsl120/indexed_8bit_image.vert >Fragment Program:rviz/glsl120/indexed_8bit_image.frag GLSL link result :
active samplers with a different type refer to the same texture image unit

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to kindly request your assistance in reviewing a specific repository once again. Despite trying out several other repositories that worked seamlessly, I seem to be facing some challenges with this particular one. I would be extremely grateful if you could suggest any potential workarounds or provide further guidance on this matter.

P.S. I fully recognize and appreciate the promptness and effort you put into responding to queries, and for that, I am truly thankful. I’ve been experiencing some difficulties with this repository for approximately three weeks, and your ongoing support and timely responses have been invaluable. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated

Thank you, @sweetyleah0, for reporting this bug. I also see the same bug from my workstation.

I have reported this bug to the engineering team and will provide a possible workaround soon.

I’ve been waiting for approximately a month now.
Is there any chance that this issue could be resolved more quickly?

Apologies for the delay, but the engineers are still working on a new release and have not yet fixed the bug.

Meanwhile, you can use the Isaac Sim demo Tutorial for Freespace Segmentation with Isaac Sim — isaac_ros_docs documentation with Isaac ROS free segmentation.