ISAAC ROS GEMS configuration


For using ISAAC ROS GEMS packages listed at NVIDIA Isaac ROS · GitHub, there is confusion in terms of minimum requirements for x86 system to build the image.
As per GitHub - NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_visual_odometry: Visual odometry package based on hardware-accelerated NVIDIA Elbrus library with world class quality and performance. , Ubuntu 18.04+ is recommended, however it has dependency on isaac_ros_common at path GitHub - NVIDIA-ISAAC-ROS/isaac_ros_common: Common utilities, packages, scripts, Dockerfiles, and testing infrastructure for Isaac ROS packages., which says Ubuntu20.04+ is recommended for x86

Please let me know what is the minimum x86 OS (Ubuntu18.04 or Ubuntu20.04) required for using ISAAC ROS GEMS packages ?


Isaac ROS GEMs have only been tested on Ubuntu 20.04 on x86. The docker container from Isaac ROS Common to run these GEMs uses Ubuntu 20.04 and can be built/launched on host machine running 18.04+. We’ll get rid of the confusion and just update any remaining references to Ubuntu 20.04+.