ISAAC ROS GEMS ROS2 Jetson reference platform

a) It seems Carter v2.0 (Indoor Mobile Robot) is based on ROS1 currently and doesn’t support ROS2/ISAAC ROS GEMS. Is this correct ?
b) it seems nanosaur ( doesn’t support all ISAAC ROS GEMS. Neither it supports SLAM and Navigation features. Is it correct ?

So, for testing all ISAAC GEMS ROS algorithms on ROS2 , with SLAM, navigation and localization , what is the recommend Jetson based robot development platform ?

If there isn’t any, do we need to use additional controller (raspberry pi 4) based robot (such as Turtlebot3) on ROS2 (for SLAM/Navigation/localization) and attach Jetson Nano/Xavier (for ISAAC ROS GEMS) via USB interface ?


I’m not sure I understood what you meant by Carter v2.0 is based on ROS1 exactly. Carter v2.0 is built on an AGX Xavier and you can run ROS2/Isaac ROS GEMs on it.

Depending on what sensors (e.g., stereo camera, CSI camera) you attach to Nanosaur, you can use most of the Isaac ROS GEMs. Nanosaur is a DIY hobby robot than a reference showcase platform.

We do not necessarily have a recommended Jetson-based robot development reference platform yet for running a complete ROS2 autonomy stack with Isaac ROS GEMs for navigation behavior. The hardware suite on a Carter 2.0 though should be complete enough to run all of the Isaac ROS GEMs.

For Turtlebot, you could either replace the RPI4 with a Jetson or run ROS2 stacks on both.