Isaac Ros Visual slam - "save_map" action wiped my whole workspaces folder

Dont know how this is possible, but i used the save_map action after i created a kind of bigger map.
Unfortunatly I choose for destination my workspaces folder. In that was the isaac_ros-dev folder.
It succeeded saving the map, but completly wiped the issac_ros-dev folder, also not a map. 0 Bytes.
Container was still running, but i was on battery and had to stop it. So currently all is gone. All migrated ros packages within there which took my days to get to run on ros2, docker files, etc…

I don´t think I can get this stuff back. Be carefull with the destination for save_map action and always BackUp!

I feel you. Happend to me too. Nvidia whats up with this?!

The save_map action does indeed delete the output directory you specify in order to ensure a clean destination to write out a map to. This makes this setting painfully dangerous for sure as you’ve suffered. We’ll note this more clearly in the docs and soon add some more options for what to do if the specified directory is not empty.