Isaac SDK 2020.2 install question

I’m really new to this field I try to install Isaac sdk 2020.2 on my computer which runs ubuntu 18.04. According to the document 2020.2, I should install dependencies on the desktop following the command bob@desktop:~/isaac/engine/$ ./engine/build/scripts/ However, I could not find Could anyone let me know how to install sdk or how I should start? Thank you.

The script is in <ISAAC_SDK-2020.2>/engine/engine/build/scripts/ The path in the setup document appears to be right (your working directory is <ISAAC_SDK-2020.2>/engine, so perhaps you missed a directory level?

The installs of the required system libraries so you can build Isaac SDK apps. You can use the <ISAAC_SDK-2020.2>/engine/engine/build/build/ to create a Docker image in which it executes and develop within the container as well.