Isaac SDK : controlling imported robots with Mousepad in Isaac Sight

Hi, I’m currently working on Isaac SDK and Isaac SIM and I couldn’t solve the problem related to the Isaac SDK REB.

Specifically, I’m trying to control the Jackal Robot (a 4-wheeled Robot which I have imported) with Isaac SDK Mousepad(Isaac Sight). These are the things that I’ve done doing/setting, but it didn’t work.

  1. Run navsim_gmapping app (located in sdk/apps/navsim) with Carter_REB.usd & Jetbot_REB.usd & Transporter_REB.usd (located in Nucleus Server folder Isaac/Samples/Isaac_SDK/Robots) and succeeded controlling the robots with Mousepad in localhost:3000
  2. Imported jackal.urdf to Isaac Sim and saved with Jackal.usd (unchecked fixed joint position box, and also succeeded controlling jackal in Isaac Sim with python code)
  3. Added Lidar, and other REB components(ex: REB_DifferentialBase) in Jackal.usd as Carter_REB/Transporter_REB
  4. In case of Jackal, there are 4 wheels, so I added two REB_DifferentialBase components, one for the front wheels, the other for the rear wheels.

Can somebody help me handle with this problem??
Thanks for paying attention

Solved the problem!
Changed wheel joint options :
Drive → Angular → Type : from “force” to “acceleration”

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