Isaac SDK Debugging Console Commands

For the purpose of debugging applications, is there a way to use console commands to query values or send messages into the application nodes?

I’m experimenting with using Isaac SDK as a supplement or replacement for ROS for our robotics applications and I’m trying to figure out if the SDK features, or plans to feature, any tools that, for example, could equate to ros console commands that can echo message contents into the terminal. I’m finding it difficult to understand how certain messages are built and having the ability to quickly see what messages my nodes are receiving, and the content and format of these messages, during runtime would be a great tool

For my self I prepare special debug codeletet to show messages content. But most of cases best solution is put debug messages into codelet.

    "accumulate_node": {
        "gps2lks_component": {
            "debugmsg": true,
            "name": "GPS"
            "debugmsg": false,
            "accsize": 20

Other example - debug codelet:
“edges”: [
“source”: “subgraph/interface/dbc_stateproto”,
“target”: “Debug_node/debug_component/dbc_stateproto”

in header:
ISAAC_PROTO_RX(StateProto, dbc_stateproto);

In cpp:
if (rx_dbc_stateproto().available()) {
messages::DifferentialBaseControl command;
ASSERT(FromProto(rx_dbc_stateproto().getProto(), rx_dbc_stateproto().buffers(), command),“Failed to parse rx_dbc_stateproto”);
double lsp = command.linear_speed();
double asp = command.angular_speed();
printf(“DEBUG StateProto_1 LinearSpeed: %.5f, Angular speed: %.5f\n”,lsp,asp);