ISAAC SDK + ISAAC SIM omniversre?

Hi ISAAC team,

Thank you for releasing this new simulation and sdk tool.
Unfortunately all the documentation in Isaac SDK are related to unity3d and to my understanding Isaac sim is with omniverse now.

I’m lookin for a guidance of connecting the sdk and isaak sim together. I have successfully installed omniverse isaac sim locally and installed docker version of the sdk but looks like there is no connection here. More specifically what ports should I forward from the host to my sdk docker container or how to get the camera feed of the isaac sim and run an isaac sdk app for it?

when I try to run:
bazel run //apps/tutorials/opencv_edge_detection:opencv_unity3d
it gives me error
2021-10-18 20:27:28.430 WARN packages/engine_tcp_udp/components/TcpSubscriber.cpp@158: Failed to connect to remote. Will try again in 0.500000 seconds.

which makes sense because there are no ports forwarded to host and also there is no connection from isaac sim omniverse to isaac sdk. Any help much appreciated.

We are working on updating references in the Isaac SDK documentation and examples from the deprecated Isaac Sim Unity to Isaac Sim Omniverse (known hence forth as Isaac Sim) for a future Isaac SDK release.

If you’re using the Docker version, are you launching the container with “–network host”? It is possible one of Isaac SDK or Isaac SIM is locked in the Docker network and does not have access to the other.